Register to compete by clicking yellow button above. We will have 16 Youth Breakers prelims per hour, please select the preliminary/audition time - 3pm or 4pm available.


From both prelims, the top 16 Youth Breakers will advance to the Finals which will start at 5:30pm. 

Must be under 17 to compete. 

Scoring System - B-Score™

- No spectators, but Youth Registered competitors can bring their Coach, Legal guardian to watch. No fee, but you can contribute at the door to help support our events.

Location: The Lab VA, 512 Maple ave w, Vienna Virginia, 22180 

Parking: Outdoor free parking

Competitor Check-in: 1pm 

Please send us an email if you have any questions:



The Competitive Breakin' League™ grew out of The Lab DC, a school dedicated to Breakin' as a sport and art form. It all began when The Lab began to hold Breakin' tournaments for kids. Slowly over time, a set of rules was written and slowly it began to evolve into the sport you see today. The CBL has a set of rules and regulations, a professional scoring system for the Competitive Breakin' Sport and an application system. The copywriter criteria and rule book is constantly evolving with the times as the level of Breakin' rises. 

The CBL holds regional competitions within the United States to qualify Top Breakers for the Competitive Breakin' Championships at Rock the Box USA (RTBUSA). 

Quote " The rules and regulations are a product of years of testing, mostly trial and error to identify a fair and practical method to organize and provide feedback to competitors. The foundation is education and that is what makes it special." Antonio Castillo, creator 


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About: Established in 2013

Organizing local Competitive Breakin' (Competitive Breaking) competition for kids, teen and adults. 

Founder: Antonio Castillo

CBL created a concept of Breakin' as a competitive sport. To include: Point system, an arena and a set of rules.