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The Competitive Breakin' League (CBL) is a professional American Breakin' (Breaking, Break Dancing) league consisting of thousands of competitors.

CBL Mission:
To organize youth Breakin’ (Breaking, Break Dance) competitions and support future generations of dancers by building an infrastructure of education, training, and guidelines for the sport for breakers in ages [5-17] And (18+). Established in 2014 in Washington DC, the CBL organizes curriculum, workshops, tournaments, and an annual tour of youth competitions leading to our National  Championships, titled “Rock the Box.”

CBL Stats:
Average participants per year: 1,000 non-student participants and 400 participants from schools that specialize in Breakin’.  
​Age Range: 5-17 
Divisions: Youth 5-12, Teen 13-17, and Adults 18-up 
​Categories for 2019: Youth 2-vs-2, Teen 1-vs-1 and Adult 1-vs-1  

CBL Rules and Regulations are updated yearly. All competitions and information related to CBL is property of the Competitive Breakin' League. No usage without authorization. 

To learn more about the sport of Competitive Breakin' (Breaking), please use the contact form below.
For Press inquiries and all other related questions

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