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Event promoters, coaches, and organizations within the United States have begun to adopt the scoring system. Breakin' (break dance, Breakin) is growing everyday and thousands of youth Breakers all around the world are passionate and working hard to be the best they can be. Having a scoring system will soon be a key part of Breakin' Battles. 

The Breakin' Score system for competitions is an easy to use application that provides fair and accurate results. The system was first developed as a report card for youth Breakers which soon became a necessary tool for fair scoring in 2012. Since then, the system has been though many test and has been used throughout the United States at Major venues and events such as: NBC Expo in Washington DC, Telemundo Expo at MetLife Stadium, Marlins Stadium in Miami for the Univision Expo and numerous studio youth events. The system has also been featured on BBC, Telemundo, and other media networks. This has been an amazing tool not only for competitors but for Judges and coaches. 

The Application is simple:

3-5 Judges, each with their own unique login credentials to application for easy identification. 

Universal scoring criteria - No set criteria, you can request to customize for your event 

Professional Scoreboard included

Wifi is required or hotspot 

Easy to use and ready to go in minutes 

Technology & Breakin'

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Breakin' Score (B-Score™) is scoring system for Break Dance Tournaments. The System is an application which uses tablets to score Breakers to identify a winner(s). 


Full customization available 

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The system provides a variety of reports based on the needs of the event organizers. From criteria points to judges scoring reports and more. 




The system is easy to use and practical. We offer online judge training and certificate of completion. 


Organizers can request in person mock training at their events. 



Want to take your event to the next level? Having proper systems can make a difference and provide an overall unique experience. Contact us today to learn more on how you can use the B-Score™ system at your next Dance Tournament.


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