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Year 2012: Antonio Castillo, founder of The Lab Breakin School in Washington DC began to receive questions on how competitors were scored, if their were any rules for battles. He decided to create a sport from the battle and call it Competitive Breakin. 


Year 2012: Antonio, then created the first official report card/scoring system for competitors as a way to answer the question on "how" they are scored and also serve a report on how to improve skills


Year 2013: After holding a number of events and making changes to the scoring system. Antonio ran into the question. Since most of the competitors were kids, how could he create something to tell the where to stand and wait their turn etc. He decided to test using painters tape on the floor. 


Year 2013: After the first Competitive Breakin Tournament with painters tape on the floor. Antonio observed that the kids actually were following the rule of turns which became the first rule. Wait until the other competitor is finished before going out. After closer analyzing, he decided to create an actual shape modeled after Tennis, Football and boxing ring. He would call it "The Box" Competitive Breakin' Arena for the sport. 


2013-2014: Once the concept was created, it now had to be studied to find suitable size. The rule of outs was born. The scoring system was updated based on data. Any competitor that stepped out of the Box would receive one point deduction from score sheet. Get 3 outs, and competitor automatically loses. In Late 2013 the Box Arena found the perfect size. a 10 by 10 ft scoring area.

Original size was 12x12ft later changed to 10x10ft


Year 2014: After successfully running multiple in school tournaments, Antonio decided it was time to test out of the school and organized the first official Competitive Breakin' Sports competition in Washington DC named: Rock the Box. The event was held at Aqua and drew in over 400 people from around the USA.  This was the first time he thought, USA, could we change Breakin by creating something in the United States for the community. The event went on to be a huge success and was featured on multiple TV networks and newspapers. 


Year 2015: Going on tour! This was a big year for the CBL. Antonio began to contact event organizations to bring the CBL concept to their sport festival. Some of the major festivals was the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio and the NBC 4 Washington DC Expo, Telemundo Expo Miami, and the NY Festival with NBC. By this time, the CBL had been featured on all major networks, both local and national. 


2016 Jonathan Escotto organizes a regional competition in Boston for the New England Region. Judges by legendary Bboy Float. 

At this time, CBL used a computer system.


Year 2015-2016: Antonio creates a computer scoring system. Derived from the paper system, The B-Score System is born, "Breakin' System" 


Year 2017: The tour continues. 
CBL Holds Regionals that lead to National Breakin' Championships. Now with a larger following 

Michael Lo holds a Regional in Miami Florida for the SouthEast Region. 


Year 2017: As the CBL concept continued to grow so did the system. In 2017, the B-Score app was on developed and used. An iPad application to simulate and streamline the system. For years, judges used calculators to tabulate scores. Now, judges could remove that and focus on scoring. Antonio decided to add a score keeper. A person responsible for scoring accuracy and display. Brandon Beauchamp joined the team. The CBL held 7 national events that lead up to the USA Breakin' Championships. The CBL was always focused on structure and organizing of the Breakin community. As the sport continued to flourish, it began to get even more media attention. Google Competitive Berakin. 


Year 2018: As the CBL concept continued to expand to other Regions. Ian Flaws, holds a Regional for the Rocky Mountain Region. 

From 2018-Present, the movement continued. New rules were implemented and a circuit of Regional to National Competitions are held. 

Learn History on the Sport of Breakin

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